Star artists will perform at the Cratos Premium Hotel on the Candy Day.

Star artists will perform at the Cratos Premium Hotel on the Candy Day.

Cratos Premium Hotel

Murat Bozoğlu, owner of Cratos Premium Hotel, announced that Volkan Konak, Sibel Can, Serdar Ortaç and Serkan Kaya will give concerts this year.

In Cyprus, where guests will enjoy the sun and the sea while the Şeker Bayram is being sung to nine days and holidaymakers will be flocking to the holiday villages, they will enjoy a candy-like feast at concerts of famous artists in the evenings.

Cratos Premium Hotel on July 5th, 2016 respectively Şaher Bayramı Volkan Konak, 06 July 2016 Wednesday Sibel Can, July 07, 2016 Thursday Şeker Bayramı third day Serdar Ortaç, Saturday, July 09, 2016 Serkan The rock will take the stage.

The legendary artist of the Black Sea, Volkan Konak, will meet his fans on the first day of the festival.

cratos-sibelcanSibel Can, who is expected to face audiences with a repertoire of old and new songs in his scene, will add a distinctive color to the songs with his songs that will be voiced from his latest album Arabesque.

Serdar Ortaç Gıybet, which Cypriot holidaymakers will love to listen to, will make their songs from their new album as well as their old songs.

Serkan Kaya, a popular artist of recent times, will also come to Cyprus and enjoy the music feast for arabesque lovers.

Murat Bozoğlu stated that they believe that the newly opened Cratos Nargile Lounge will have a unique experience for nargile lovers.

TRNC comes to Cratos Premium Hotel – Casino – Port – Spa, one of the most beautiful villages of Kyrenia in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, coming to the 2016 Sugar Festival and watching the concerts of famous artists as well as guests. The Beach Club has different disco, bar, nightclubs If the concept of entertainment with restaurants includes for you, all of them will experience the flavors and entertainment of Golden Cage, Jungle, Mey Blue, Mad, La Plage, La Matta and Ocakbasi Restaurant Port Cratos in Port Cratos.

At the hotel where all the facilities of the holiday are offered, Cratos Premium Spa will make your guests feel refreshed by resting your body and mind and make you feel refreshed with Far Eastern massages and classical massage practices applied by local and foreign expert massage therapists.

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